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Uranus was god of the sky,

Uranus, both the son and husband of Gaia, played a major role in the creation story.  He mated with Gaia producing a whole spectrum of gods and monsters including Cyclops, the three giant Hecatonchires and the first generation of Titans.

Uranus was very jealous of his children and began hiding them deep within the recesses of Gaia's womb.  A frustrated Gaia schemed to set her kids free by giving her youngest child Cronus a knife.  When Cronus emerged, he castrated Uranus tossing them into the sea where Aphrodite and other children sprang forth where Uranus's blood spilled.

In the aftermath, Cronus stole Uranus's powerful position as the ruler of the universe until Zeus took it from him.


Available in the following yarn bases

Luxe Sock
75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon
463 yds/100 g 
Fingering Weight

A 4-ply supersoft merino with nylon for strength making this the perfect yarn for socks.

Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low


Mystical Sock
75% Superwash Merino/20%Nylon/5% Stellina
438 yds/100 g
Fingering weight

A springy superwash merino with some nylon for stability and Stellina, a silver-toned non-metal fiber.

Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry low





















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