Yarn Bases

Care of your hand knit garments  
Please hand wash cold or lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. Even though this yarn does contain superwash merino, I do always recommend that you hand wash your knitwear. We use colorfast acid dyes for dying our yarn, and rinse until water runs clear. There may be a chance that some dye may bleed slightly in the first wash of your finished item. This does sometimes happen for speckled yarn and stubborn colors that are prone to bleed. For the first couple of washes, hand wash separately to be sure that no further bleeding. 

There are no dye lots. We always try to sell from same dye lots but if not sure we recommend blending the skeins as you work. Color saturation can differ from different dyelots. 

Luxe Sock
75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon
463 yds/100 g
Fingering Weight
A 4-ply supersoft merino with nylon for strength making this the perfect yarn for socks.
Hand Wash Cold/Lay flat to dry 

Titan Sock
100% Superwash Merino
400 yds/100g
Fingering weight 
A single ply springy merino spun with a high twist giving your project nice stitch definition. 
Hand Wash Cold/Lay flat to dry 

65% Merino, 20%Silk, 15% Yak
438 yds/100g
Fingering weight/3ply 
A delicious blend of Merino, Silk and Yak with a stitch definition that stands out with a tight ply giving you clean and crisp stitches.  The Yak with its natural coloring gives you wonderful rich and warm colors.
Hand Wash Cold/Lay Flat to Dry

50% Silk, 50% Superwash Merino
438 yds/100g
Fingering weight/4 ply
A lustrous blend of Silk and Merino. This lovely silky-smooth 4-ply is a dream to knit with giving your project wonderful drape and a gorgeous sheen. Everyone loves silk, and this yarn is a beauty. 
Hand Wash Cold/Lay Flat to Dry

90% Superwash Merino / 10% Nylon
438 yds / 100g
Fingering weight/ Single Ply
Give your project depth and personality with this scrumptious yarn that has been purposely spun with thick and thin sections alternating regularly along the yarn. 
Hand Wash Cold/Lay Flat to Dry 

95% Superwash Merino, 5% Stellina 
400 yds/100g
Fingering weight
Single Ply 
A dreamy silver toned sparkly fiber plied with a incredibly soft single ply superwash merino. Theia was the Titan goddess of all that glitters. She was referred to as the goddess of shining elements, jewels and light. 
Hand Wash Cold/Lay flat to dry

100% Suri Alpaca
437 yds/100g
Fingering weight
Single Ply
A luxurious fingering weight yarn with silky soft halo perfect for sweaters and shawls. 
Hand Wash Cold/ Lay flat to dry

Fluff DK
80% Baby Alpaca / 20% Acylic
273 yds/ 100g 
DK weight
A gorgeous DK yarn with wonderful halo. The alpaca yarn has been spun with a man-made fiber which has been shrunk with heat, trapping in the alpaca to give you a construction like a merino yarn but with a wonderful halo. 
Hand wash cold/ Lay flat to dry

Luxe DK 
100% Superwash Merino
274 yds/100 g
Light DK weight
A cabled yarn of 4 doubled plies, creating a springy 8 ply merino.
One of best sellers.
Hand Wash Cold/Lay flat to dry 

Plush DK
70% Superwash Merino / 30% Silk
231 yds/100g
DK weight
A wonderful springy 4ply superwash merino and lustrous silky sheen and softness giving you the most beautiful drape for a DK yarn.
Hand Wash Cold/Lay flat to dry.

Titan DK
100% Superwash Merino
240yds/100g skein
DK Weight
A stunning single ply construction that is perfect for sweaters, hats, fingerless mitts and warm shawls. It is made from a stable fiber of high quality that will not pill or separate with wear. 
Hand Wash cold/Lay dry

72% Kid Mohair, 28% Silk
459 yds/50g
Lace weight 
A delicate lace weight yarn made from beautiful soft Kid Mohair and Mulberry Silk. Perfect for lightweight shawls or held together with another yarn for a design with a delicate halo.  Nimbus is a luminous cloud or halo surrounding a god or goddess when on earth. 
Hand wash cold/Lay flat to dry

74% Baby Suri Alpaca, 26% Silk
328 yds/50g 
Lace weight
A deliciously soft and snuggle blend of brushed alpaca with a silk core. Works well held double or held with another yarn. 
Hand wash cold/Lay Flat to dry

100% Superwash Merino
218 yds/100g
Worsted weight
A unique merino with a cabled yarn of 4 double-plies giving you a beautiful and springy 8-ply yarn. 
Hand wash cold/Lay Flat to dry

100% Superwash Merino
106 yds/100g
Bulky weight
A springy 3ply that is perfect for heavy sweaters, hats and chunky shawls. Perfect weight for patterns calling for chunky or bulky yarn.  
Hand wash cold/Lay Flat to dry