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Prometheus a Titan and Creator of Humanity.

Prometheus, a brother of Atlas and one of the wisest Titans, sided with the Olympians gods in their war against the rest of the Titans.  As a reward, Zeus gave Prometheus the ability to distribute characteristics to creatures of the earth.  

Prometheus gave humans the greatest ability, intelligence.  

Things got sour between Prometheus and Zeus.  Prometheus tricked Zeus  into choosing the portion of bones from the ox for his sacrifice and saving the finest meat for humans. Angered by Prometheus, Zeus hid the gift of fire from humankind.  In return, Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus giving back to mortal humans.  This enraged Zeus.  He punished Prometheus by chaining him to a rock at the top of the mountain and sent an eagle to prey on him. 

Prometheus was later freed by Zeus's son, Heracles.

Available in the following yarn bases.  For a listing of all yarn bases click here.  Yarn Bases


Care of your hand knit garments  
Please hand wash cold or lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. Even though this yarn does contain superwash merino, I do always recommend that you hand wash your knitwear. We use colorfast acid dyes for dying our yarn, and rinse until water runs clear. There may be a chance that some dye may bleed slightly in the first wash of your finished item. This does sometimes happen for speckled yarn and stubborn colors that are prone to bleed. For the first couple of washes, hand wash separately to be sure that no further bleeding. 

There are no dye lots. We always try to sell from same dye lots but if not sure, we recommend blending the skeins as you work. Color saturation can differ from different dyelots. 



















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