Come see us at the Lousisiana Peach Festival June 21-22, Ruston, LA
Come see us at the Lousisiana Peach Festival June 21-22, Ruston, LA
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Typhon, the god of all monsters and the most fearsome deity of all.  

Typhon was a grisly monster with a hundred serpent heads and the torso of a man.  One of his heads had glowing eyes and breathed fire.  He also had wings and on his hands snakes instead of fingers.  Typhon was the child of Gaia and Tartarus.  

Typhon was married to Echidna and produced many children including Sphinx, Hercules, Cerberus, Chimera and the Hydra. 

Typhon was buried in the pit of Tartarus by the hands of Zeus.  According to legend, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are the result of Typhon struggling to get free. 

Typhon is a variegated colorway of blue  grey, orange and red.

Available in the following yarn bases

Luxe Sock
75% Superwash Merino/25% Nylon
463 yds/100 g 
Fingering Weight

A 4-ply supersoft merino with nylon for strength making this the perfect yarn for socks.

Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry Low


Mystical Sock
75% Superwash Merino/20%Nylon/5% Stellina
438 yds/100 g
Fingering weight

A springy superwash merino with some nylon for stability and Stellina, a silver-toned non-metal fiber.

Machine Wash Cold/Tumble Dry low


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